About Us

"She Got It!" Cosmetics sells cosmetics and skincare items that are not sold in department stores nor drug stores. However, they are products that are recognized by many people and used for some time.

I am stocked with several lines of cosmetics and skincare for those who have either sensitive skin, mature skin, dry skin, oily and/or combination skin type. Also, none of the products have been animal tested.

There are an array of colors from foundation to lipsticks that you will be extremely happy to buy and enjoy!

Let's not forget the bath and body care items that are for sale too. They have the most pleasant scents and made from n

atural ingredients. Some of them just make you want to eat them!

Now, "She Got It!" Cosmetics is partnering with Mirasol Photography & Design. Go to the Mirasol Photography's page and take a glance and see how wonderful the photos are.

Contact me for your makeover and photos!


1442 - 8th St.

Berkeley, CA 94710


You are always welcome to purchase anytime on-line at one of my marvelous cosmetic/skincare sites. Also, you can schedule an appointment for your skincare/makeover, too.


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 1PM - 5PM

Sun: Closed